Friday, 22 June 2007

North Ayrshire

I seemed to be all over the north of the county today, but again disappointing numbers of leps on the wing.

Rashley, near Ardrossan
Peacock (1)

Southannan Sands
Meadow Brown (2)
Grayling (1)
Painted Lady (2)
Small Tortoiseshell (1)
Common Blue (1)

Outerwards Bridge
Painted Lady (1)

Castle Hill/Tourgill
Chimney Sweeper (1)

Blue Stones (near Hunterston PS Pier)
Painted Lady (1)
Chimney Sweeper (1)

Azure Hawker Search

Back up in Ayrshire this weekend, my main aim was to try and locate Azure Hawker in the county. Angus reckoned he saw one about two weeks ago in the extreme south of the county close to Dumfries & Galloway border and, in fact, not too far away from the well known site at Silver Flowe. Friday’s weather put paid to this idea with the vast quantities of rain falling inland, combined with thunder, lightening and even the odd tornado. The sun did appear in the Loch Doon area at either end of the day, providing 22 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries and 12 Large Skippers at one site in Bellsbank Plantation and 10 Large Heath amongst 40+ Small Heath on a bog site near Loch Bradan.