Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Further Painted Lady news from last weekend

News from Angus Hogg

Sat, 30 May 2009
It's not often (if at all) that you can point to Glen App as the scene of an invasion but, between mid Glen App and Girvan, there were at least 80-100 Painted Ladies today, with 30 past in 20 minutes at Ballantrae. As if that wasn't enough, not 1, but 3 Red Kites drifted NE together over the glen at around 10.30, all of them untagged, 2 being immature (2nd cal yr) birds, the other an adult. Also present in the glen were a single Common Crossbill and a Cuckoo, Kilantringan Loch had at least three 4-spot Chasers along with several Large Red Damselflies and Common Blue Damselflies - and a newly emerged Small Heath.

Sun, 31 May 2009 Still they come!
Another day full of Painted Ladies - not quite 702, but close on 100 spread between Drumlamford and Barjarg at one end and Pinwherry at the other. Several Orange Tips still on the go too - and a Small Copper at Barjarg. Other insects of note included 4-spot Chasers at Corwar House, Barwinnock and Barjarg.

Wed, 3 Jun 2009
Wednesday morning in Galloway Forest Park near Loch Riecawr provided 45+ Four-spotted Chasers at one site, a single Golden-ringed Dragonfly and a basking Adder in one of the rides.