Friday, 16 May 2008

Cuckoo Flower

Here are some things to look out for on cuckoo flower:

Orange-tip eggs - just under the fowers on the flower stems.

Adela rufimtrella - a long horned micro moth that feeds on cuckoo flower and garlic Mustard (in the same way orange-tips do). you will see them occassionally on the cuckoo flower flowers. Flying now.

Micropterix calthella - tiny micro on buttercups and cuckoo flower. Shiny wings, yellow head

I would be especially pleased for some rufimtrella records as I have no Ayrshire records and it must be present. calthella has been recorded, but with no specific records as yet.

See for pictures.

Neil Gregory

Loudon Castle Moths

Species list from Moth Trapping at Loudon Castle on 10/05/08 for Irvine Valley Walkers. Over 60 attendees, but mostly interested in bats!

Least Black Arches

Scalloped Hazel

Early Thorn

Water Carpet


Hebrew Character

Flame Shoulder

Common Carpet

Red-green Carpet

Pale Prominent

Common Quaker

Clouded Drab

Brindled Pug

Double-striped Pug

10xMay bugs too

Neil Gregory

Stevenston area, 11th May

Garnock East:
3 Small Torts
6 Peacock
5 Green-veined Whites
7 Orange Tips

Ardeer Fen:
15 Green-veined Whites in a relatively small area of Marsh Marigold and Cuckoo Flower

Ardeer Quarry:
7 Peacocks – holding territories along tarmac road at east of reserve.
2 Small Torts
17 Orange Tips
7 Green-veined Whites

(Photos: Small Tort at Garnock East; Orange Tip in overcast conditions on previous day at Ardeer Quarry)