Saturday, 4 August 2007

Scotch Argus in Changue

Surveyed Kirstie’s Trail and Devil’s Trail at Changue for Scotch Argus. While waiting for the weather to improve I checked Craigens Hill forestry near Kirkoswald without seeing much. Intermittent periods of warm sunshine in the glen at Changue provided some immaculate looking Scotch Argus and it looks like emergence wasn’t particularly early here this year. Numbers could be in the hundreds in a week or two. The bridge accessing the Fairy Knowe trail is still closed so I didn’t try for Black Darter which can be common here. The pool near Kirstie’s Stone had up to three Common Hawkers plus another pair in copula nearby. One individual attempted to take a worn Meadow Brown. The Water of Gregg and Changue Burn held territorial Golden-ringed Dragonflies but the most interesting sighting was of one patrolling a wee burn less than 35cm across which runs along the footpath between High Changue and the car park. Or at least it ‘runs’ when we have a wet summer like 2007! Surprisingly not many Peacocks around yet.

Changue Glen
Partly Cloudy, 16-17ºC
Scotch Argus (42)
Green-veined White (39)
Ringlet (13)
Meadow Brown (10)
Peacock (2)
Red Admiral (1)
Small Tortoiseshell (1)
Northern Eggar (1)
Common Hawker (13)
Golden-ringed Dragonfly (4)
Common Darter (1)
Emerald Damselfly (1)

Craigens Hill forestry
Cloudy, 15ºC
Meadow Brown (3)
Ringlet (2)
Peacock (1)
Common Darter (3)

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