Saturday, 6 June 2009

First Fritillaries

The past week has been an excellent one for butterflies in the Rankinston area, on Monday 1st June I saw my first 6 Dark Green Fritillaries of the year in the Bow Hill area (NS4312, NS4412 and NS4512) and then on Thursday 4th June I saw my first Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary (NS4413). This and the surrounding area must surely be one of the best places in Scotland to see both these species in good numbers as I recorded 40+ Dark Green Fritillaries and 20+ Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries multiple times here during 2008. Other butterflies seen were:-

Large White - 2 on 01/06 and 3 on 02/06
Small White - 2 on 02/06
Green-veined White - loads everyday but 300+ on 01/06
Orange Tip - a few every day but 20+ on 01/06
Green Hairstreak - 4 on 01/06
Red Admiral - 2 on 01/06
Painted Lady - a few every day but 20+ on 01/06 and 04/06
Small Heath - a few every day but 14 on 02/06 and 18 on 04/06

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